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Chiang Mai is Not for Everyone. - Adventurous Kate

I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone say in passing, "Everyone loves Chiang Mai." They're talking about the bloggers, entrepreneurs, and job-quitters who flock to this city to start a life lived on their own terms. Each time, it makes me wince -- because it's not true.
Living In Chiang Mai, Thailand (+ What To Do In Chiang Mai For Tourists)

Ever wondered what it's like living in Chinag Mai, or what to do in Chiang Mai as a tourist? See inside for insider tips on things to see, do, eat.
Why Chiang Mai Is A Great Place To Work For Digital Nomads

Want to travel to Chiang Mai in Thailand as a family or a digital nomad? Find the best place to work, to eat Khao Soi, and other tips for this northern city
9 Awesome Things to Do in Chiang Mai

Heading to Chiang Mai, Thailand? Here are 9 suggestions of awesome things to do to make your time there amazing and memorable.
Simplify Your Life in Chiang Mai - Adventurous Kate

Chiang Mai, Thailand's most famous northern destination, is worlds away from Bangkok. The medium-sized city is so pleasant, so clean, and home to more wats than you can count. Many travelers come to Chiang Mai to go trekking in the mountains, visit hilltribe villages, or learn a skill: Thai cooking, Thai massage, Thai language, yoga, ... Simplify Your Life in Chiang Mai Read More >>
Hidden Thailand: 8 Amazing Day Trips From Chiang Mai

Guides to eight amazing day trips from Chiang Mai including hikes, mountains, hidden temples, and a sinkhole in the middle of the jungle. This is the Thailand you haven't seen before!
Viva Chiang Mai: a homestay review - Finding the Universe

Heat. Waves of the stuff. It was a prevailing theme on our bus trip up to Chiang Mai. Sure, the bus had air conditioning, but this particular bus had more pressing concerns to worry about than keeping its passengers cool. For example: getting its passengers to their destination. The bus we had chosen for the [...]
Chiang Mai Has Great Nightlife? Who Knew?! - Adventurous Kate

When I was learning about Chiang Mai, I kept hearing the same themes: "It's so nice and relaxing here." "It's much calmer than Bangkok." "It's a great place for a family." So a nice city, but no nightlife destination by any stretch, I assumed. Was I ever wrong! On my first night out in Chiang ... Chiang Mai Has Great Nightlife? Who Knew?! Read More >>
5 Delightfully Unique Temples in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In a city with 200 temples, how do you pick the best ones? These are the lesser known, unique, and delightfully under-touristed top temples in Chiang Mai.
Thousands of Lanterns Become Stars in the Sky: Yi Peng in Chiang Mai

Yi Peng in Chiang Mai, also sometimes called the lantern festival, is characterized by a massive release of beautiful lanterns into the sky

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