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Scenes from Rainy Edinburgh: The Water of Leith - Adventurous Kate

Edinburgh is famous for its wild and unpredictable weather, categorized by frequent rain showers, fog, and chilly winds -- the kind of weather that makes you want to bundle up with a tartan scarf and wile away the day in glorious cafes. Well, most of the time, that is. I happen to have incredible luck ... Scenes from Rainy Edinburgh: The Water of Leith Read More >>

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Rekindling a Travel Friendship in Edinburgh - Adventurous Kate

I guarantee that everyone reading this site has had a memorable travel friendship at some point. And in this modern age, social networks make it easier than ever to keep up these friendships. So, as we technologically dependent individuals ask ourselves so often, HOW DID WE SURVIVE back in the day? And with that, I ... Rekindling a Travel Friendship in Edinburgh Read More >>

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Westside Woodshed: A Super Cool Cottage Near Edinburgh

If you're on a quest to find a unique, cosy cottage just outside Edinburgh, the Westside Woodshed has your name all over it. The cottage's hidden perch within a Pentland glen gives the illusion that it is far more remote than it is. What a wonderful place to wake up!

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Edinburgh's best budget lunch spots - The Chaotic Scot

I give you 5 of Edinburgh's best budget lunch spots, where a tasty satisfying lunch doesn't have to burst your purse as well as your belly.

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Edinburgh Blogmanay - the ultimate New Year celebration

For many, Hogmanay is the biggest and best night in the Scottish calendar. This year, I'm part of the Edinburgh Blogmanay team and here's my take on it all.

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Edinburgh is Scotland's capital city and is famous for its literary heritage, historic landmarks such as the famous Edinburgh castle, and scotch whiskey.

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Visiting Edinburgh? Sheraton Wants to #meetyouthere - Adventurous Kate

When the Sheraton Grand Hotel and Spa in Edinburgh, Scotland, invited me to check out their newly refurbished hotel for their #meetyouthere campaign, I had no idea what to expect. I've never stayed at a Sheraton in my life -- though I did have my junior prom at a Sheraton back in 2001! In short, ... Visiting Edinburgh? Sheraton Wants to #meetyouthere Read More >>

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The Dunstane Houses: My Special Staycation | Boutique Hotel Edinburgh

The Dunstane Houses are a pair of beautiful boutique hotels in Edinburgh with a special connection to the Orkney Islands. Read all about my experience.

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In Pictures: Edinburgh's Seaside - The Chaotic Scot

No matter where you are the world, a walk by the sea is one of life's greatest and most underrated simple pleasures. Even at Edinburgh's seaside

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Greetings from a Crazy Man in Edinburgh - Adventurous Kate

I spent a few days in Edinburgh this past week. It was my first time in Scotland, and I absolutely LOVED it -- I can't wait to return! I came for the Edinburgh Travel Tweetup and ended up seeing a lot of old friends and making some new ones, as well as some great contacts ... Greetings from a Crazy Man in Edinburgh Read More >>

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