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12 Ideas For What To Do In Freiburg, Germany

Not sure what to do in Freiburg, Germany? We've shared our insider tips from a local on what to see, where to eat, sleep, drink and explore!
7 Magical Day Trips to Take from Stuttgart, Germany

From magical castles to gorgeous hikes through the Black Forest, here are 7 day trips from Stuttgart, Germany, to take this year!
The 15 best things to do in Stuttgart, Germany

A detailed travel guide with the best places to visit and things to do in Stuttgart. Plan your perfect Germany itinerary.
The Best Christmas Markets Near Stuttgart, Germany

The best Christmas markets near Stuttgart in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany, including the chocolate market in T├╝bingen, castle market at Hohenzollern, and Ravennaschlucht in the Black Forest!
16 Ideas For What To Do In Cologne, Germany

Looking for tips on what to Do in Cologne? Here some of the top things to do in Cologne recommended by a local, including where to eat and more!
How To Survive A Working Holiday In Berlin, Germany

Tips for surviving a working holiday in Berlin, Germany. Kreuzberg is a great area of Berlin to live in and its great to learn German language
12 Things to Enjoy During Autumn in Germany

What should you do during autumn in Germany? From fetivals to spooky haunts and beautiful foliage, these are the best things to see in the fall.
The curious tale of buying a vehicle in Germany - Finding the Universe

things, but they will not be the focus of today's rambling. Imagine my surprise therefore when I entered the world of vehicle buying in Germany, to find a system that could be, at best, described as kooky, and at worst, as bureaucratic. Here is my experience. Having spent some time searching for the perfect vehicle, [...]
The 10 best things to do in Bayreuth, Germany [A local's travel guide]

A detailed Bayreuth travel guide with the top tourist attractions and points of interest. Learn all about the best things to do in Bayreuth & where to stay.
An Offbeat Wedding in Augsburg, Germany - Adventurous Kate

If you're 26 or younger, I've got news for you: 27 is a scary age. Why? That's the big year of marriage. Sure, people get married younger than 27, but those tend to be the couples who have been together for years and years, whom you expect to get married. At 27, your single friends ... An Offbeat Wedding in Augsburg, Germany Read More >>

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