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Solo Female Travel in Savannah, Georgia - Is Savannah Safe? - Adventurous Kate

Is it a good idea to travel alone to Savannah, Georgia? Yes! Savannah is one of my favorite cities and I especially love traveling to Savannah solo.
The Best Things to Do in Savannah Georgia - Finding the Universe

Things to do in Savannah Georgia. A detailed guide to what to in Savannah that covers everything from exploring the historic district to meeting mountain lions, plus tips on where to eat, where to stay, the best museums to visit and out of town attractions you should see!
16 Reasons to Fall in Love with Savannah, Georgia - Adventurous Kate

You will fall in love with Savannah as fast as I did. So much romance, beautiful architecture, delicious restaurants, and ghost stories!
How to Spend Three Days in Savannah - Adventurous Kate

Three days in Savannah is the perfect amount of time! Here's your three-day itinerary with restaurant recommendations, attractions, tours, and more!
The Ultimate Savannah Guide

From beaches to historical areas and the best food and photography spots. this is what to do in Savannah whether it's a weekend jaunt or longer trip.
Savannah in Squares and Shadows - Adventurous Kate

Most destinations give me a chance to fall in love with them on my own terms. Savannah did not do that. Savannah insisted, demanded, and eventually took me by the hand and intoxicated me by force. Did I protest? I wouldn't dream of it. Savannah, the famed small riverside city in Georgia, is charming, as ... Savannah in Squares and Shadows Read More >>
A Getaway to Tybee Island - Savannah's Beach - Adventurous Kate

Tybee Island, just off the coast of Savannah, has a lot to offer: biking and kayaking trips, dolphin-spotting cruises, and the best sunrises ever.
EP 23: Savannah, Georgia As A Road Trip Stopover

We love to stop in Savannah, Georgia on our road trip to Florida. Find out why it's a beautiful destination and the perfect half way point. Plus tips!
When Savannah Met Alida In A Vanuatu Village

Savannah met Alida in a Vanuatu village and a friendship formed over a common bond of joy, wonder and laughter. See for yourself
Ep: 33 Chattanooga Road Trip Chat With Savannah Makepeace

Podcast chat on taking a Chattanooga Road trip with Savannah: Why we loved it, top attractions and unique Chattanooga experiences

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